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Quality Statistics


QIR Report

Date Rec'd Ref. No. Business Ref. No. Type Brief Description Op/Cl Closed Date
13.02.08 Mc/1467 a1 s1/1 QIR.001.08 IR Update Managers Meeting and Improvement Plan closed 19.02.09
13.02.08 Mc/1467 a1 s1/4 QIR.002.08 IR Control of Monitoring and Measuring Devices closed 19.02.09
13.02.08 Mc/1467 a1 s1/3 QIR.003.08 NCR Management Review closed 19.02.09
13.02.08 Mc/1467 a1 s1/2 QIR.004.08 NCR Internal Audit closed 19.02.09
15.03.08 QA/Proc.006/gw.01/08/03 QIR.005.08 IR Proof of Best Practice closed 12.06.09
15.03.08 QA/Proc.006/gw.01/08/02 QIR.006.08 NCR Audit Plan Not Managed closed 05.01.09
15.03.08 QA/Proc.006/gw.01/08/01 QIR.007.08 NCR Standard Checklists closed 12.06.09
15.04.08 Audit/A140/gw.01 QIR.008.08 IR Near Miss Reporting closed 16.01.09
27.04.08 A140/NCR.001 QIR.009.08 NCR Defective Crimping closed 13.05.08
16.06.08 QIR.010.08 IR Contract Value available at site closed 20.06.08
16.06.08 QIR.011.08 IR Project Kick Off closed 17.06.08
19.09.08 qa.proc.009.001 QIR.012.08 IR PO Management closed 10.11.08
29.09.08 QIR.013.08 NCR Asset register not accurate closed 26.01.09
06.02.09 QIR.014.09 NCR Equipment Unaccounted for closed 12.06.09
25.03.09 AD/001/NH/IR QIR.015.09 IR Completion of Checklist Correctly closed 16.04.09
25.03.09 AD/001/NH/NCR QIR.016.09 NCR Elec. Equipment not PAT Tested closed 16.04.09
14.07.09 AD/004/NH/IR QIR.017.09 IR Asset Register not updated closed 21.07.09
14.07.09 AD/003/NH/IR QIR.018.09 IR Completion of Checklists closed 21.07.09
14.07.09 AD/002/NH/IR QIR.019.09 IR Training Records closed 21.07.09
17.09.09 AD/005/NH/NC QIR.020.09 NCR GTDS QM F001 Not completed closed 21.07.09
17.09.09 AD/006/NH/NC QIR.021.09 NCR SEESA Drawing Management closed 16.11.09
17.09.09 AD/007/NH/NC QIR.022.09 NCR Quality Erection C/L closed 17.11.09
17.09.09 AD/008/NH/NC QIR.023.09 NCR No Snag list closed 29.09.09
17.09.09 AD/009/NH/NC QIR.024.09 NCR Training Records closed 20.10.09
17.09.09 AD/010/NH/NC QIR.025.09 NCR Lifting Equipment Register closed 19.10.09
17.09.09 AD/011/NH/NC QIR.026.09 NCR COSHH Assessments closed 18.11.09
17.09.09 AD/012/NH/NC QIR.027.09 NCR PAT Testing Records closed 15.10.09
17.09.09 AD/013/NH/NC QIR.028.09 NCR Near Miss Sign Off closed 29.09.09
15.10.09 A402/NC/001 QIR.029.09 NCR No Near Miss Reporting closed 20.10.09
17.11.09 AD/014/NH/NC QIR.030.09 NCR Items of Equipment not on server asset register closed 17.11.09
18.11.09 AD/015/NH/NC QIR.031.09 NCR Lock on COSHH Box missing closed 18.11.09
18.11.09 AD/016/NH/NC QIR.032.09 NCR Plant and Equipment Check list not completed closed 18.11.09
18.11.09 AD/017/NH/NC QIR.033.09 NCR No COSHH info at COSHH Box closed 18.11.09
18.11.09 AD/018/NH/NC QIR.034.09 NCR PO Schedule not fully completed closed 18.11.09
18.11.09 GG/01/NH QIR.035.09 IR Changes to Enquiry Log closed 10.02.11
18.11.09 GG/02/NH QIR.036.09 IR Offer Letter closed 07.12.09
18.11.09 GG/03/NH QIR.037.09 IR Project File Formatting open
25.11.09 GG/04/NH QIR.038.09 IR Table of RFQ Docs offer Letter closed 07.12.09
25.06.10 A405/MELK/GW01 QIR.039.10 NCR No Training Documentation available at Site closed 26.06.10
25.08.10 AD/ELST/001 QIR.040.10 NCR Quality Plan requires Client approval closed 04.09.10
25.08.10 AD/ELST/002 QIR.041.10 NCR Snag List not yet started for site works closed 04.09.10
25.08.10 AD/ELST/003 QIR.042.10 NCR NCR’S & TQ’S sent to client not signed off on site register closed 04.09.10
25.08.10 AD/ELST/004 QIR.043.10 IR Field Earths not connected closed 04.09.10
25.08.10 AD/ELST/005 QIR.044.10 NCR Wrong Checklist in use for Telehandler closed 04.09.10
06.10.10 AD/NEAS/01 QIR.045.10 IR Current LUL Authorisation not included in site records closed 20.10.10
08.10.10 A405.WWEY.GW.01 QIR.046.10 NCR NCR not being responded to quickly enough by Client closed 12.10.10
14.12.10 A405.Rassau QIR.047.10 NCR PCSR not signing on to RAMS closed 14.12.10
03.02.11 Grain/AD/001/IR QIR.048.11 IR Training Cert not on Server closed 10.02.11
03.02.11 Grain/AD/002/NCR QIR.049.11 NCR Electrical Test of Site Cabin closed 10.02.11
03.02.11 Grain/AD/003/NCR QIR.050.11 NCR No COSHH Documentation on Site closed 10.02.11
03.02.11 Grain/AD/004/IR QIR.051.11 IR SECL not fully completed closed 10.02.11
03.02.11 Grain/AD/005/IR QIR.052.11 IR Near Miss reporting not being fed back into GTDS System closed 10.02.11
15.12.10 GG/HR/001 QIR.053.11 IR Training closed 08.09.11
19.04.11 AD/BARK/001 QIR.054.11 NCR Asset Control closed 27.04.11
19.04.11 AD/BARK/002 QIR.055.11 NCR COSHH Control closed 27.04.11
19.04.11 AD/BARK/003 QIR.056.11 NCR Hazard/Near Miss Reporting closed 27.04.11
21.04.11 KEAR275/GW.01 QIR.057.11 NCR OPTEL Incomplete Install / Documentation not Signed Off closed 12.05.11
20.04.11 Grain/AD/006/NCR QIR.058.11 NCR Equipment Register and Asset Management issues closed 15.05.11
20.04.11 Grain/AD/007/NCR QIR.059.11 NCR Snag List to be updated closed 15.05.11
20.04.11 Grain/AD/008/NCR QIR.060.11 NCR QIR Reports from last Audit not available at site closed 15.05.11
20.04.11 Grain/AD/009/NCR QIR.061.11 NCR Calibration Certification issues closed 15.05.11
12.05.11 A405/NORM400/GW.01 QIR.062. NCR Test Equipment not referenced on Install Check List closed 12.05.11
14.05.11 GW.6001.001 QIR.063. IR Review of HR Procedures closed 04.11.11
02.09.11 AD/elst/001 QIR.064 NCR Equipment needs to be PAT Tested closed 19.09.11
02.09.11 AD/elst/002 QIR.065 NCR Training info missing for New Staff closed 19.09.11
02.09.11 AD/elst/003 QIR.066 NCR Missing COSHH Info closed 19.09.11
02.09.11 AD/elst/004 QIR.067 NCR PO Schedule different on site to the one on server closed 19.09.11
02.09.11 AD/elst/005 QIR.068 NCR Welfare Facility BS7671 Test. Also PAT Test required closed 19.09.11
02.09.11 AD/elst/006 QIR.069 NCR No T&M Sheets completed for SI raised closed 19.09.11
18.10.11 A405/AUST400/GW/01 QIR.070 NCR OpTel Install BS7671 Document not fully completed closed 18.10.11
02.11.11 AD/Elst/008 QIR.071 NCR MEWP Daily Check not complete closed 10.11.11
02.11.11 AD/Elst/009 QIR.072 NCR COSHH MSDS and Assessments not available closed 10.11.11
02.11.11 AD/Elst/010 QIR.073 NCR Manual Handling Toolbox Talks required before work activities closed 10.11.11
02.11.11 AD/Elst/011 QIR.074 NCR Some Equipment requires PAT Testing closed 10.11.11
02.11.11 AD/Elst/012 QIR.075 NCR Plant Register not completed closed 10.11.11
03.11.11 AD/Gren/01 QIR.076 NCR PAT Testing closed 11.11.11
03.11.11 AD/Gren/02 QIR.077 NCR Site Cabins not Tested closed 11.11.11
03.11.11 AD/Gren/03 QIR.078 NCR NO GTDS SHE PLAN ON SITE closed 11.11.11
03.11.11 AD/Gren/04 QIR.079 NCR No manual handling risk management in RAMS closed 11.11.11
03.11.11 AD/Gren/05 QIR.080 NCR No Toolbox Talk on Manual Handling closed 11.11.11
03.11.11 QIR.081 NCR Full Review of HR Procedures Ongoing
03.11.11 QIR.082 NCR Full Review of HR Forms Ongoing
03.11.11 QIR.083 NCR Full Review of HR Forms 2 Ongoing
12.01.12 A405/BIRK275/GW/01 QIR.084 NCR Asset Register not up to date closed 12.01.12



Type- NCR = Non Conformance, IR = Improvement Request, TQ = Technical Query, Misc = Miscellaneous

This document is to be used in various sections of SHE Control, Project Delivery and Quality Files to facilitate reference and control where multiple documentation is stored.