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About GTDS



GTDS was established in July 2004 when the MD (Gordon Gunning) recognised that there was a real and growing skills shortage within the Electrical Transmission & Distribution sector. It was apparent that the industry was awash with un-skilled agency contractors and there was a need for a specialist company, prepared to invest and develop the Electrical & Mechanical / Engineers & Craftsmen of tomorrow. GTDS now has a highly qualified and skilled team of people offering specialist installation and commissioning services.

Key management positions were filled using personnel with extensive experience gained working for recognised world leading companies within the sector.

  • GTDS values all our staff and key contractors

  • We treat our employees and contractors as partners in our business

  • We ensure each person has a safe working environment and the right training and equipment for the job.

  • We build an atmosphere of trust and teamwork, not defensiveness and fear

  • We encourage people to take responsibility and give them the power to influence results by their actions

  • We avoid blame and acknowledge that mistakes are an inevitable part of the learning process

  • We maintain open and honest communication

  • We encourage people to ask for help when difficulties arise at work or in their personal lives

  • We unlock the talent in people in order for them to achieve their personal ambitions